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Founded by our visionary leader Mr. Ben Tuinei, we began canvassing the states to share our passion about the importance of maximizing PPO Insurance Revenue in 2008, we may not have understood the impact that the message would have on the everyday lives of the dentists whom we served. Since then, it’s been an honor to shake the hands of hundreds of dentists just like you, and we can honestly say that there is nothing we enjoy more than hearing about a PPO success story!

If you’ve attended one of our lectures, you’ve heard us liken the “small” victories to the inches in a football game. Having given up our bodies to the punishment of the sport, we know just how important those inches are! We invite you to get off the sideline and onto the field by learning from our team. You’ll quickly discover, with absolutely no obligation, what you just might be overlooking in your practice. The victories seem small, but the impact that our efforts can have on your revenue over the years are astounding. It’s a game changer.

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Hand-Shake-300x1531Thank you for your interest in Veritas Dental Resources. It means a lot to us personally to see this message spreading as it has. You’ve come to the right place.

There’s not much glamour in taking on the tedious task of multiplying your “small” insurance victories; however, that is what we thrive on here at Veritas, and that is also why we are the industry’s proven pioneers. After all, we’ve learned that giant leaps consist of many small strides. We want you take this step with us, so that we can show you that the same is true about insurance profit in your practice. We’ve guaranteed our services so it is one less thing for you to worry about. Thank you for considering Veritas; it’s an honor to make a tangible difference in the lives and practices of dentists and friends alike.

Our President, Mr. Benjamin Tuinei

Mr. Tuinei began his dental career in 2007 while working for a small dental corporation in Phoenix Arizona Ben photo (2)managing all insurance related functions.  During his first few months, he created systems and operating protocols and restructured a 12 person billing department that improved collections from a  low 65% to 98%.  At the same time, Mr. Tuinei learned how to effectively negotiate with 3rd party payors that gave a boost in annual insurance related revenue of nearly 1 million dollars for a team of only 10 general dentists. Mr. Tuinei’s early experience in negotiating with 3rd party payors caught the attention of other large group practices and hundreds of solo dental practitioners in Arizona, Utah, Nevada, Idaho and Colorado. Consequently, he unintentionally discovered an under-served section of the dental industry: 3rd party payor negotiating (aka insurance fee negotiating).  Mr. Tuinei opened Optimum Dental Solutions in September 2009 to serve the needs of dentists who were actively seeking assistance in improving their insurance reimbursements. On May 1, 2015 Veritas Dental Resources purchased Optimum Dental Solutions. Mr. Tuinei currently serves as a managing partner and President of Veritas Dental Resources.

During its first 2 years in operation Optimum Dental Solutions contracted with over 400 dental practices influencing a combined $10 million in additional annual revenue increases by implementing Mr. Tuinei’s proprietary PPO optimization strategies and effective 3rd party payor negotiating.  To-date, Mr. Tuinei has worked with over 5000 dentists influencing over a billion dollars of newly negotiated revenue for his clients.

Mr. Tuinei is going on his 18th year as a professional public speaker and frequently speaks at study clubs and dental conventions nationwide.

He currently serves as the Director of Insurance for ePractice Manager, President of Veritas Dental Resources, Chairman for Optimum Dental Marketing and sits on the Advisory Board for The Dental Business School, Business Ownership Mentoring of America, The Dental Leadership Academy, and the Group Practice SUMMIT.

Mr. Tuinei has been recognized by several state Dental Associations and various dental study clubs as “The Authority” on PPO strategies and PPO fee Negotiating. He currently resides in Salt Lake City Utah.